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"Existence" – Another thought process

Like many people, I frequently ask myself one question that ‘what is the reason for existence and meaning of life?’ It is such a fundamental question for us! We set goals in life and work hard to achieve it. These goals are like milestones for the path or a journey called life. We cover one milestone after another to reach where? What are we trying to achieve here?

When I was in school, I wanted to get to best college in the country. Once I got into the a university, I wanted to get a good job and now I have a job. Now I dream of finding a woman who will be my best friend, a life partner, with whom I will start a new family and share ups & downs of life. This is now a very important ‘goal’ for me, like any other goal in life. Along with all these goals, there are needs and wants which you can think of as micro-goals.

Every goal that I have achieved is as important to me now as it was when it was set. My education, my job, good life and financial independence that I am enjoying everything is important. Yet these milestone that are leading towards something. Where?

Life is a cycle, you are born, you grow up, get a family, bring new human life on earth and grow old and well die. Then this new life follows the same cycle with its own sets of goals/micro-goals…..but WHY? I will die eventually, when I am in my 80-90s and healthy. Call it a intuition or a hunch, but to me death is not the final destination or the final goal. Maybe, just the last milestone for the journey of life. Yes there is a “Maybe”, because I am not sure.

I cannot see what lies beyond. I cannot see it like I can see a moon in the sky, but then I can see moon only after dawn. Maybe I can see “the beyond” on my last milestone. Still I am not sure. Barring the smaller goals, I want to know the ultimate goal of this life. The last milestone for this journey. I want to know this so that I can see where my life is leading towards.

I see myself and so many people worried about smaller things in life. My job, my money, my promotion, what others think about you, my performance in career and personal life relative to others, stock market, bigger TV, better car, better mind, better looks and what not. Everyday is a new day with same cycle, with similar processes, similar worries, similar hopes and expectations. I keep on chasing one micro-goal from other, yet I know that no matter what I do life will steer towards the final point. Its like you choose the path of your life, but everyone has the same final milestone. Does it mean that all the milestones we have crossed are not significant. I don’t believe that. They are important to make your journey called life a smooth sail and good thing you can choose the path. I just wish to know the reason my my existence.

There can a lot of reasons for the our existence. Here is my list:

  1. No Reason: There is no reason. Life is just like that. You are born, you live and then you die. This is the way it is.
  2. Religious: God has some reason to bring you to this world.
  3. Cyclic: Its a part of bigger journey. Once you done with this journey, you begin another one.
  4. Not Sure: There is no way to prove that there is a reason or there is no reason at all
  5. Spiritual: You are here to help and improve your “Karma”
  6. Coincidence: Some billion years ago, with a co-incedence, molecules formed a cell and started to reproduce.

These reason can/will be and discussed on their own. I will not debate for or against each reason, but I find myself more in “Not sure” and “Spiritual” categories. No Matter what the reason is for the existence or what lies beyond, I am intuitively convinced with one thing. It is important that we ensure to make the present journey a happy and fulfilling one.

Keeping yourself and other around you happy, having great wealth, helping others in need, a life partner who is your best friend, obedient children will give great satisfaction. After living a happy and satisfied life I can cross the final milestone no matter what lies beyond it. If there is nothing, I can end here with peace and if there something beyond I can proudly lead the next journey.

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  1. November 22, 2008 at 7:41 AM

    Hi Kamal, well you certainly have a lot of thoughts to write. You’ve done an awesome job putting them done on paper. You are asking questions that everyone has, which drives discussion and interest for readers. Those questions will engage people if you share this with others. It’s certainly engaged me as you will see in my (many) thoughts on the subject below as well. Writing down thoughts is a good thing to do, even if you don’t share it with anyone (but thanks for sharing it with me).

    I find I learn a lot from my writing and that is why I do it. As for my comments on the subject matter. You hit a nerve with me Kamal, it’s something I’m quite passionate about. Life and purpose that is. Well, life is never going to be answered, it’s too grand for that and even if there is one answer, there will always be people to believe one or another reason for it. Ideas will be developed, ideas will change and likely no one will ever know for sure, no matter how “smart” we get as a human race.

    To me, life has no destination, it’s about the journey. How you live it and why you live it. As for your reasons, I would argue at least that life is certainly no coincidence. The world, the universe and everything inside it cannot be something from nothing. It’s too elaborate, complex and never ending. It’s complete madness to think all of everything around us just happened from an accident. That is complete bunk and I can’t understand how anyone could ever even entertain that thought. As for the other reasons, I think it is each person’s journey to explore and discover on their own. It’s important to share your experiences with others and look with an open mind at all possibilities. As for me, I’m a Christian, I live for God and know deeply in my heart and mind that I am here to serve others and to be obedient to God. That gives me many great blessings in my life here and I believe with all my heart it extends past this world of earthly things into a perfect and everlasting life. The rewards will be abundant and it gives me nothing but joy, happiness, love, peace, grace and understanding during my short time here on earth. Of course, what I (or anyone for that matter) believe is up to me or them to decide. One thing I find very interesting is that people who don’t believe there is a reason, believe that only by default of not having any real feelings or beliefs in other meanings. To me that is a complete cop out and excuse. People who live for meaning and especially for God, seem to have a much deeper belief and attraction to that value in their life. That must mean something! It can’t just be a mistake as it’s possible to feel, have that faith and believe those things with every single nerve and sense inside oneself. I know I do! The other thing that I find is useful about exploring meanings and purpose, is to challenge it and study it. What other thing can you do in life that has more value than to determine what your purpose is? Asking others, learning more about it, reflecting on life, discussion, relationships, feelings, passions all help to understand oneself. It takes time, will never just instantly develop and even when you finally feel you understand yourself and your purpose, you will soon realize it is constantly evolving and shifting. There will always be pockets and unanswered questions in life and I think that is what makes it such a marvellous creation in the first place!

    Creation… That is where it all begins, that is what it is all based on, that is what life is all about and that is what we are all here to figure out. If we are created in God’s image, then we have the same ability to create as He does. That is something I see every day of my life which I am convinced is the single best evidence outside of feelings and faith to ensure me that God is real, He created me and I should be His obedient servant to whom He will bless and repay me for eternity.

    Now for your other reasons, they are each entire discussions on their own as well. There is no end of discussion on this topic and it’s up to every individual to take that journey for themselves. I love the fact that you are exploring this Kamal and I know you are a thinker so will certainly spend much time pondering this area of your life. As to your goals, like you said, you can get good at achieving results and that practice will give you much joy and happiness along your path. Once you can steer that skill towards the things that are directly for your purpose in life, you will experience whole new levels of joy and fulfillment. Keep exploring, keep asking questions, keep writing, keep thinking, and most of all, keep enjoying what you have and be excited and happy about where you are going!

  2. Nishit
    December 27, 2008 at 6:55 PM

    Maybe life is a game that the Generator/Operator/Destroyer (AKA. GOD) is playing and we all play roles in this game. A good way of thinking of Karma is to think of a way of keeping score in this game. Good deeds earn you good karma and bad ones earn you bad karma. Rebirth has to be part of this game because no energy can ‘leave’ this game so everything is transformed. Who/ What you are reborn as is determined by your karma. Things like free will, karma, re-incarnation, ups-downs, happiness-sadness, etc. are all ‘rules’ of the game. The objective of the game is to understand your relationship with other people and GOD.
    Think about it 🙂

  3. December 29, 2008 at 10:36 PM

    Nishit, why do you think that no energy can be created or destroyed from the game? And why do you think that Karma has anything to do with energy and that it is simply transformed? That is what I can’t figure out from people who take Karma to it’s fullest believe and tie it to reincarnation. Why?

  4. Jeff Aitchison
    February 2, 2009 at 8:17 PM

    Hey Kamal! Deep thoughts … I’ll go with #1 (with a dash of #5). Keeping in mind, that we are here, we have the opportunity to enjoy life for what it is, and make the best of what life makes avaialble to us. There is no shame in wanting a better car, wanting to look better, or wanting a full head of hair. Who cares? Why not do the things that make you happy? I think the danger in this appraoch is only that we are subject to so many outside influences with their own agenda (politics, commercials, big business, etc.). We’d all do well to remain cognisant of this, and ensure that we look after our spiritual side (#5), whether it be going to church, volunteering, or looking after the environment. Sadly, the spiritual aspect of our lives isn’t really looked after by outside influences … it’s something we have to look after ourselves.

  5. Nishit
    March 24, 2009 at 2:27 PM

    In my opinion, as human beings, we are limited in our ability to understand the way the world/universe around us, works. As we try to understand it within the confinements of our ability, we use rules that we are familiar with already. For example, for a child to understand multiplication (3*2=6), we use addition (3+3=6). We do this because the child may not be able to understand the complexity of multiplication right away, but using addition, he/she can BEGIN understanding it. Similarly, it may be foolish to try and understand ‘everything’ about the universe at once. We need to use what we already know and begin the journey to understand it. We may end up being wrong, but that is still a learning process, albeit through elimination. So, with regards to why energy cannot be created or destroyed, well, it may very well be so. However, within the framework of my understanding of science, I only know that energy can only be transformed.
    Of course one can dwell into the realm of miracles and such, but I think we don’t need to use that as a crutch to convince ourselves of the existence of God or a higher power. Again, let it be clear that i’m not saying that energy cannot be created or destroyed. I’m saying that in order to understand ‘existence’ I’d like to use what we know.
    If karma doesn’t have anything to do with energy, then how do you define karma? I think karma has everything to do with energy. Karma, which is Sanskrit for action (actually, duty), is a direct derivative of energy. Without energy, there cannot be any action and therefore no karma. So, with the pretext that you believe in karma, the only way you can have karma is via energy.
    I think reincarnation is an extremely difficult concept to grasp. Understanding it probably requires deep knowledge of other concepts like free will, desire, etc. I do not fully understand it. I think it may have been misleading to tie karma and reincarnation like I did without at least hinting to its intricacies. However, I do believe karma has something to do with reincarnation. The consequences (both positive and negative) of our actions (karma) may not be realized in one lifetime. Some actions have immediate results. Whereas others have long term implications. For instance, if I eat now, my hunger will be satisfied right away. Or, if I kill someone, the guilt of my actions is going to stay with me forever. Sometimes, our actions have consequences that we may not even be aware of. But whatever, the consequences, good or bad, short- or long-term, physical or met-physical, whether we are aware of them or not, they will get played out. So even though reincarnation may not be solely based on karma, I believe that karma does have a role to play in it.

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