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Hopefully unexpected! Part – 1

“This place is amazing” – Sakay said to himself while walking alone on the London roads for the first time.  He was in Transit to the New York from Tokyo. Even though he was amazed to see the surroundings, he was feeling bit alone. Yet he convinced himself that its good to be alone! What he was missing was not really apparent from his appearance. He seemed a nice, happy and energetic guy.

After enjoying Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and taking a ride on river Thames, he decided to conclude his small trip by taking a ride on the Europe’s biggest Ferris wheel “The London’s eye”.

He managed to get to this huge wheel right on time.  He was lucky as it was the last ride of the day and this was his only day in London. He was surprised to see that there were not many people today at this South Bank attraction. Once his turn came, he hoped on to one of the Capsules of this wheel.

As soon as he enters inside, he sees only one more person in the ride. She was standing on one corner of the capsule and Sakay places himself in the other corner. He couldn’t help but tell himself that how gorgeous this girl is. He consistently tells himself “Go talk to her”, but his fear grips him over, as usual, and he does nothing. He persistently hopes that she starts some sort of conversation and then he might then be able to sweep her of her feet.

While he is at his mental fight, the wheel starts to rotate. N0w he gets back to sightseeing. Even though he is watching and looking outside, he keep thinking about the girl and keeps hoping that she would talk to him. Every time he get hopelessly hopeful, his contradictory side speaks to him “Not going to happen, it never has. You will be by yourself as you have been. So stop thinking about her”.

Twenty three minutes of Thirty minute ride passes by. “Well, I guess, I will walk alone again!”, he says to himself. Just on that moment, the wheel seem to stop.This makes him concerned. He looks over to the lady and she looks back with a worried face. After only few seconds, she walks to him and says in a hesitant manner “Why has the wheel stopped”.  Sakay couldn’t help smile in his head, after all she was talking to him.  As soon as he tried to reply they hear an announcement..”There was a technical fault with one of the tires so we stop the wheel to get it repaired. We can expect upto one hour of delay”. “There you go, now you know the reason”, he replies to the lady.

With his words ended, she retreats back to her spot without saying anything else. This made Sakay feel down, but  he tells himself “I have to go to her and talk” and again the ‘war’ begins in his head.

While he was lost in his thoughts, he hears “Hey…how are you?”. He looks and realizes that girl has walked back. “I’m mm good! how…how are you?” he mumbles. She says with a zest “I am great! I was bit concerned about the wheel stopping.  Now I know, I am excited to be stuck here for a while”. This made Sakay bit confused..”why would she be excited for this?”.

She introduces herself “I am Malena, whats your name?”.  “Hello Malena, I am Sakay! It is nice meeting you!” this time he replies with bit more confidence.  Then he asks her “Where are you from? You seem to have some sort of Italian or Spanish accent!”. This was something he noticed ever since he heard her. “That is pretty close, I am from Naples, Italy. Where are you from?” she replies with a big smile and asks. Even before he replies, she said “Let me guess…Japan! Right?”. “Nice!…your guess is right! usually people really mix up all the Asians!!”. She giggles a bit  “Well I would have done that too, but your backpack says I love Japan, so I guessed”. They both have a good laugh. Then Sakay thinks in his head  “Man! She has an accent, she is looks good, she is funny and I connect with her well. I wish I could be ask her out. She is so cute!”.

Again he keeps his thought to himself and asks her “So what brings you to London?”.  This time he was feeling comfortable talking to her.

“Well this is beautiful city and I came here in a hope to meet someone”. Sakay surprised in his head “Wow!!”.  “I came here a month ago on vacation before I go to New York in 2-3 days to be with my family”,  she continues “So far I have enjoyed the city.. I have met few good people, but really didn’t find a right one!”. Now this triggered a chanting in Sakay, again, in his mind, “Be mine, be mine, be mine!” which was contrasted by his contradicting mind ..”she is too hot and cute for you..not going to happen”.

“Really New York!! I am moving there to work as a Financial analyst.”  He replies with a voice of hopefulness.  “Wow…what a coincidence!! As if god wanted us to meet!!” She says with a hint of hesitation. Sakay asks “you really think so?” He was bit suprised with her straightforwardness. She says with some force “why not? why else would only two of us present in this capsule, when there can be more people and then the wheel stops!”.

Given her reply Sakay finds some courage to say “I guess you might be right!! Ever since I saw you I was hoping to be able to talk to you!”.  “So you should have come to me and said hi” She suggested.  “So you think…but I always have this wall of worry whenever I find myself in such a situation! I wish I had the courage….mm…then I might not have been single! I hate that part!!!” He started opening to her.

“Hmm I guess its not easy..I find myself more open and if I want something I don’t hesitate to go for it!! I know at worse I will be denied if I ask someone out. But you what is worse than that keep hoping for things to happen for you and when nothing happens and you walk alone!” Sakay replies to this by saying ” So would it be ahmm…ahmm alright if..if..if..I aask you out or somthing”. He scratches his head while asking her out. The wheel starts rotating again. “Damn it! This wheel had to start only now! She better reply soon…” he thinks again.

She say “OK!… there is no harm in see how things go between us”. Sakay gets a biggest smile inside out. “So how are we going to do this? I mean I have flight to catch soon after this” he asks. “Hmmm…why don’t you give me your New York phone number.. I will call you once I am settled..” she replies. He gives her his phone number and talks more for a minute or two when there ride is over.

They come out of the capsule and both look at each other with hope. “OK Sakay… I guess its time to say goodbye! I really felt good for the time we spend together” she says and comes closer for a hug. Sakay was hesitant to hug her. Well what can he do…he had very less experience being closer to a woman. Malena sees his hesitation and say “Its ok! Its just a hug!” and rolls her arms around him.

Sakay forgets everything else and blends into her. He starts smelling her hair and feeling her close to him gives a sense of completeness.  She totally feels right to him eventhough he met her for such a brief period of time. He now wishes if he could kiss her. He looks back into her eyes and at that moment all his worries and hesitation evaporates. He holds her face in his hands and seeing no resistance he kisses her.

After few moment he says “Wow.. I have never felt like this before! I was not scared! I had no hesitation! With you I was feeling the completeness! You are making me fly..you you have changed me..”. She was blushing “I never expected something like this to happen! So unexpected..so sudden..but feels to right!!”.

They stay with each other for a while, holding each other in cold London weather. With time to apart from each other comes closer, Sakay say “Malena…this is the time!! I have to go now.. I wish I could stay but I have to report on my first day at office!” She replies while holding his face “I guess…time flies! You cannot stop it! I will give you a call once I am in New York! I will go now”. After saying this she stands up and starts walking away. “I will wait for your call!” Sakay shouts a bit with hopefullness. She does’nt look back and disappears into the darkness of night.

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  1. Jeff Aitchison
    February 2, 2009 at 8:08 PM

    Hey Kamal Good work. Kept me engaged – I’d like to know what happens next! Where’s part 2?

  2. February 4, 2009 at 9:43 AM

    Part 2 and more will come up later Jeff !

  3. February 9, 2009 at 5:50 PM

    I like it Kamal! Looks like a piece out of a much bigger story though! I like the narrative thoughts you use to describe things, especially at the start of this segment.

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