Our minds keep thinking about one thing or the another.  Sometimes we think about life,  other times it is our finances, our jobs, our relations, our vacation or maybe a story. Our thought process keeps on running from one point to other. Even in our dreams….This mind keeps on running. Our running minds have so much knowledge, wisdom, experience, creativity, emotions and skills. It feels great if you can share these with others and expand your knowledge. While doing so you can connect with other. Everyone has something to share with others. Something that they are very passionate about, some Idea, some story or anything that stimulates their minds. Many times we find it hard to share these simple things with other for various reasons. The running minds is a bridge which will provide its authors and readers to share their thought in various aspects of life. The Runningminds.com goal is to have various brain stimuli for its readers and authors alike. Its an attempt by its owner (Kamal) to continuously evolve and expand with ‘Sharing’ and ‘Connecting’ at its core. Happy Connecting, Sharing and Expanding.


They say ‘A picture is worth thousand words’. Well, I post my picture to save  myself at least thousand words. After thousandth word I will say I Graduated as a  Computer Engineer from University of Calgary.

I love to travel and  photography. I am a Technophiles, I like studying about stock market, reading over Wikipedia, and play poker.  I love watching movies or FRIENDS (my favorite TV show), love beer and wine.

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